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Escaped the City of Destruction and I'm on my way to the Celestial City, looking for anyone that would like to join me. Currently trying to keep my wits passing through the Vanity Fair (also known as Santa Clarita, CA) trying to not become ensnared. In my mind I dream of the Celestial City, shining on the horizon...I can't wait until we get there.

Monday, August 07, 2006

His Death is mine, His Life is mine as well.

I was musing again on Romans chapter 6 today. The past year or two I find myself returning there quite often. (I am looking forward to knowing Greek well enough to study it in even more depth.) I just keep going back to the incredible nature of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In His death, we died; and because of His death we have freedom from sin. In His Resurrection, we live; and because of His newness of life we have the freedom to live according to His Spirit. I know that this is old hat for those that have Christians for a long time, but I pray I never lose my fascination of my reality in Christ. Even that phrase, "In Christ" is so full of meaning. "In Him" we died, "In Him" we live...the more I dwell on it the more humble I become.
Another result is a continued conviction to live according to this reality. If my "old man" has already died, and I am now living as the "new man" then I can live according to my potential "in Him." I do not need to worry about my life because I am already dead according to this world. I should be in the practice of living according to the new principles of my new life, in Him. I must love recklessly, take the big risks according to His grace and power, and give as though I hold nothing back. Only when I live as though I am already dead will I be free to truly live. If I spend my time worrying about my life, I will be shackled by my own timidness. The new life I now live can never be taken from me because it is hidden safely "In Him" in the heavenlies.
It seems like too much. I will have to continue to consider all the ramifications...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I never promised correct spelling or puncuation...

Ok, so here is my first post on my Blog, and as promised it will not be exciting.

For those of you that are in the know, I have been a "partner" at the 'Bucks since 7/13. I thought it would be a fun place to work, and I could gain a more formal understanding of coffee, which I plan to carry with me 'til glory (actually, I am under the assumption that we will have coffee in heaven...or at least during the millennium as well as French presses inscribed with "HOLY UNTO THE LORD" so this coffee knowledge will also be useful well into the Kingdom Age. Well, anyway....) However, after finally getting comfortable with pulling shots and the new strange language of cup markings I am going to be leaving Starbucks as of the 20th. The decision stems from a little thing called "Conflict of Interest". The Pastry company I have with my dad, Maersk & Sons, is planning on pitching to the 'Bucks and so, to keep everything above board, I am leaving. If there is one thing we learned from Martha Stewart, it's that you can make any holiday special for your friends and family with a little time and creativity, but if there was two things we learned from Martha Stewart is that they aren't kidding when they say there are laws against insider trading and other such things.

So, I am working on getting a job as a security guard. It is the perfect job while in Seminary for the following reasons:

1. The hours are pretty flexible. Thieves and thugs usually strike after classes are over.

2. I am a security guard in Valencia. One of the safest communities in America. I get paid based on people's paranoia. It's not like I'm in Watts.

3. If I get the right kinda security job, I get paid to sit there and look at something sometimes. Basically this means I am getting paid to stay awake. Also, this means I can read during the times that I am not looking at that thing I am supposed to look at sometimes.

4. There is a small chance that I will get a gun. That's right folks....a firearm, but it's a small chance. Personally, I kinda hope I don't get one. It is far more fun to sneak up to someone and crack a skull with a Mag-Lite; then call the police to clean up the mess.

So there you go. My first blog. That wasnt too painful now, was it?

Until next time....